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Local Business Gov. Rebate For Shutdown Years
2020 & 2021, businesses receive their
ERTC tax credits here.

Business Losses for
2020 & 2021 Reflects the quarterly Tax returns
from 2019

The tough part about this grant is that it is hard to get your hands on it without our account specialists will be be difficult.   

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Focus soley on maximizing your business refund and filining your Credit Rebate.

What kind of Businesses are Leveraging Gov. REBATE CREDIT FUNDING?

Employers may claim the Employee Retention Credit for payments of “qualified wages. Whether your business used the aid package from, The Care Act of 2020 PPP loan or not this is available for the business owners for a limited time.
Having a professional CPA firm finds funds owed to business owners is crucial to receiving the fund available Right Designs Marketing LLC, is excited to announce the launch of a new Local Business Gov. Rebate for local businesses state-wide 
Business owners need to hurry as there is a limited period of time. The cutoff periods are already scheduled to close and more than that other businesses applying for the fund may cause the depletion before your business receives the benefit. What are you looking for now?    Just visit 

Local Business Tax Credit Filing Services


Maximizing Your Claims For Keeping Americans Employed The government has authorized unprecedented stimulus, and yet billions of dollars will go unclaimed.

Business Refund

Just when your need it and nothing to pay back

You can get access to this awesome program for Local Businesses approved for this rebate caused by the  COVID-19 Virus during the Years 2020 & 2021. The funding is for business owners with W-2 employees from 3-20-2020 to 12-31-2021 and is retroactive. This program goes all the way back to the COVID lockdown months.

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With our team find you the largest Rebate Refund Psossible withNo upfront cost to findout what you can recieve.

The Accounting Team- will Pre-Qualify Your Business for this Rebate – Funded by the CARES Act – Up to $26k per Employee – Available regardless of whether you received a PPP loan

Local Business Gov. Rebate For Shutdown Years 2020 & 2021 will be available at

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